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Sunday 26 April 2015

Ballroom lovers vol.4

DJ Maksy has realised a downloadable album of 27 music convert in Strict Tempo Dance Music for Standard Dance. As usual the work is very nice. For my appreciation the Slow Waltzs ans the Slow Fox spoke more at my heart.

Many original ideas even if the inspiration come from more orchestra who's has made the first steps DJ Maksy has realized the lasts and bring the dance character at all of these hits.

Wednesday 25 February 2015

Last news ...

During the Saint Valentine week-end of february 2015, I've closed the radio website. We have a conflict between SABAM (Author's Royalties society in Belgium) and Radionomy (webradio hosting society) . The consequence is that the SABAM will charge individualy the webradio. The problem is that with radionomy the creator of the radio is not the owner. I am in the impossibilities to closed the radio and also in the impossibilities to pay the royalties. So I have erased all my webradios websites but impossible to delete the pages on Radionomy. The deletion processus is blocked !.

So as it's Radionomy who's play the music, it's at Radionomy to pay !

I have now created this website who's not a website for radio but for

Sunday 16 March 2014

Latin Good Vibration

After long wait , I finally got to download this double album announced since July 2013! There was reason to be impatient, the biggest names in the specialized DJ 10 dances have contributed to it : Antoine Delvig (Official) , Dj Maksy Official ( Latin Dancesport Music ) Official Avera , Dancesport Dj ICE ( signing in his real name S. Ittisoponpisan ) and of course the famous Alessandro Olivato I had the time to enjoy and give you a notice that is only my opinion . Best to get an opinion for yourself and since there is the possibility of pre-listen , why deny it ? This music really nice, they are well-crafted and emotion emerges. Now , this album is sure to provoke a clash of conservative tendencies with the progressive trends. Conservatives criticize the majority of titles they do not recognize rhythms , sounds too present .... Progressives will tend to get excited about. My question: The rumbas , some seem heralding a new style where the rhythm is less marked . What will please or displease so pronounced as trends. Find this double album starting from the following link ... [ ||en] Attention, this album must be purchased in full, it is not possible to select tracks

Friday 14 February 2014

Album : Dancelife DJ's - Best Latin Remixes Vol.1

Dancelife DJ's - Best Latin Remixes Vol.1 By DJ Maksy and DJ DLVG Brand new Series from Dancelife (Remixed Song for New Style of Latin).

Once the album was announced, I bought it on the website of Casa Musica. I received it very quickly and I have listened for you before placing the tracks on the radio. My conclusions? We leave the habits of the two DJs. Take the time to listen. There is something original. The style ranges from the adaptation of the charts dance music and traditional ballroom. In short, an album to discover without hesitation.

Listen the demo


DJ Maksy interview

DJ Maksy has been interviewed on the deutch radio : Zuidwest FM. It's very interesting to discover a part of his life and especially his DJ's work.

Link to listen the interview (Soundcloud)

New blog

Hello dancers and listeners. In these begining of january Affinitiz made me puzzled. A bad news : The blog will closed in the next months ... It was necessary to find another support for the dance and radio news. I've find these basic system (dotclear) and I hope that I will be able to continue the work.